Writing lots of JavaScript had me leaning fairly hard towards indenting using spaces rather than tabs.

However this post from a friend of mine, @zwyx , has pretty clearly changed my mind.


Those self hosting feels when your Masto instance runs out of disk space over the holidays.


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Chase Davidson says hi, hope you’re doing well.

If you’re not doing so well, you’re not alone. This can be a difficult time of year. There are people you can talk to about your mental wellbeing.


#mentalhealth #cbr #dog #bulldog #canberra

Here is another quick write up about one of my past .

A kilterboard rock climbing app.


It was a ton of fun, from automating a virtual android device in the cloud to help extract data.

To reverse engineering a protocol and re-implementing it with .

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Containers are **not** lightweight VMs.

They are just chroot with marketing budget.

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"Speeding up the JavaScript ecosystem - one library at a time" by Marvin Hagemeister marvinh.dev/blog/speeding-up-j

I'll bet you could find a lot of little optimizations like these in common Node.js tools. I wonder how much of the speedup from various Rust/Go/etc replacements is just because nobody bothered to optimize the existing JS-based tools.

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today is thanksgiving but tomorrow is git blamesgiving

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The most entertaining submission to the CMA has to be this short but sharp submission from Mike Padgett.

Thanks Mike.

"It's insane that I even have to write this email...."

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[first day as car salesman]
Customer: Cargo space?
Me: Car no do that. Car no fly.
Manager: Can I see you in my office?

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To celebrate 1K followers here, something I have been wanting to figure out for a long time: a slippy #Mapbox map with an overlaid #D3 #SVG map synced to it: svelte.dev/repl/2578120142f44b

This means: Mapbox base layers and controls + all the D3 geo goodness like great circles, geoCircles and curved line interpolations!

Of course, built with #Svelte

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Call it an obsession, but I love the GitHub contribution graph.

I wrote up a little script to replicate my companies non-Github repos to Github, while shipping no code to hopefully not freak them out.


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"Mastodon is just like email."
Like email? So I use Microsoft Outlook?
"Use WHAT"

(Tools -> Account Settings -> RSS Feeds -> New -> https://mastodon.social/@Gargron.rss)
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If my design decisions had led to people coining an entirely new term “doomscrolling” to describe the sense of helplessness & despair they imparted, I would simply refrain from coming to a place where the same people have fled to escape said impacts and implying that they’re elitist

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I guess I should start taking this place seriously. Please, no one look at the post where I said this site would be dead by 2018.

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We are in the midst of another Google Reader-level community disruption.

It’s a good time to reset, take stock, clean house, and own your content!

If you don’t yet have your own web site—it’s a good time to start!

1. The most crucial piece is ownership of the domain name.
2. Then add content (it can just be plain HTML!)
3. Iterate on it! Make it better, but more importantly—make it yours.

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Bring on the Digital Markets Unit! 🇬🇧

As announced “Bringing forward the Digital Markets, Competition and Consumer Bill - The government is bringing forward the Digital Markets, Competition and Consumer Bill to provide new powers to the ‘Digital Markets Unit’ (DMU) in the CMA to foster more competitive digital markets; make changes to the competition framework that will include streamlined decision making and updating merger and fine thresholds; and protect consumers…“

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