If you've not heard about All The Places, you should probably check it out.


While it's probably not licensed for OSM, we do QA with similar data in the UK.



@CjMalone Thanks for mentioning all the places!

I've been tinkering on something similar around Australia. I'll definitely be checking this out more.

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@tim I spent ages writing my own thing for UK before finding it 🤦

@CjMalone How do you match OSM feature with scraped features?

I've tried a few different methods, client side with JavaScript and later QGis pre-processed. But nothing ever felt right.

@tim so, I don't really at the moment. The only thing I do is to add the website to the OSM object, via the JOSM conflation plugin. It's a bit fiddly, but it works OK most of the time.

In the past I've written code to match and merge bus stops, nothing too interesting.

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