@CjMalone How do you match OSM feature with scraped features?

I've tried a few different methods, client side with JavaScript and later QGis pre-processed. But nothing ever felt right.

@CjMalone Thanks for mentioning all the places!

I've been tinkering on something similar around Australia. I'll definitely be checking this out more.

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Such a great video to describe the feelings I've been having towards tech lately.

I'll be sharing this a bunch.


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🔖 Wavvy: a free, open source audio editor for the web. Derived from the open source Audacity project and modified to run in the web browser. wavvy.app/

Oh wow I didn't know about `.well-known/change-password`


Very cool!

@foosel That is incredibly cool! Maybe one day I'll attempt to build something like this!

@foosel Oh that's cool! A Graphana dashboard of temperatures around your house?!

How are you collecting the data? Do you have any device recommendations?

@liaizon Ok so I guess code formatting isn't something I can do here.

This query will find any times where the user @georift has mentioned @tim

Formatting is a little weird, the link above should be replace with https:// etc..

Let me know if this is a step in the right direction I can write up the other cases you asked for.

@liaizon I'm pretty new to the feddi, but if you can access your instances database I have some queries for you!

select *
from statuses
left join accounts a on statuses.account_id = a.id
where text ilike '%wants.coffee/@tim%'
and a.username = 'georift'
and a.domain = 'qoto.org';

@hugh @ohno598 This just in... builders upset they don't get a cut of subsequent sales of homes 🤦

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This is awesome! Saving for the day when I finally work up the conviction to cut ties with FB Messenger.

@jan Thank you! I love it, even tho many sites still don't think .coffee is a valid email 🙃

& I've just setup a new instance.

If anyone see this can they interact with the toot please so I know federation is working!

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Ok so three days later. I think the self hosted instance is finally working.

After a bunch of miss steps, turns the federation background worker was having DNS issues so no federation was happening.

I hope my home feed will start to be populated now 🤞

@georift It's complete! 🎉

Took a little while for the qoto.org instance to notice that I had an alias setup. Somehow figured it out tonight, I had thought I misconfigured it.

Let's see how involved hosting a Mastodon instance is.

First toot from my newly setup instance!

☕ wanted

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