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In the end I solved it by better reading the documentation for Browsertrix.

I'm really impressed how well it performs, the crawler screenshare feature was super useful to keep an eye on the browser as crawled pages.

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Does anyone have experience de-duplicating responses in a WARC file?

I've been doing some archiving of a few personal sites that have sentimental value to my family.

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"The programming challenge that is a modern browser" by Chris Siebenmann

Also: standards compliance, performance analysis, crash analysis, extensions, accessibility, the browser chrome itself… it's a beast.

Such a great video to describe the feelings I've been having towards tech lately.

I'll be sharing this a bunch.

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🔖 Wavvy: a free, open source audio editor for the web. Derived from the open source Audacity project and modified to run in the web browser.

Oh wow I didn't know about `.well-known/change-password`

Very cool!

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& I've just setup a new instance.

If anyone see this can they interact with the toot please so I know federation is working!

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Ok so three days later. I think the self hosted instance is finally working.

After a bunch of miss steps, turns the federation background worker was having DNS issues so no federation was happening.

I hope my home feed will start to be populated now 🤞

First toot from my newly setup instance!

☕ wanted

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