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This honestly keeps happening to me, I dread how much work something is going to be and when I successfully coerce myself into looking at it, it turns out to not be that bad at all.

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I am dead, I can’t believe this AI intro text I just got. If you thumb through it, there are all the usual suspects like breadth-first search and probability.

Then you open the first chapter and it goes HARD on the current state of things.

Then it’s back to mathematical notation like nothing happened.

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For #projects today: sqlite-diffable

I really like keeping data in a git repository. This turns out to work great for anything less than a GB or so, and it's by far the quickest way I've found to get a version history of how data changes over time

Since I also like storing data in SQLite, I built an experimental little tool to dump a SQLite database out in an easy-to-diff format (even easier than a SQL dump itself), ready to commit to git:

Jumping onto the train. Not exactly a project but a tip that comes in handy often.

Day to day I'm often working with a slew of containers, occasionally I'll wish I had exposed a port on it earlier.

In this case it was a production instance that entered a failure state which was intermittent and we've been unable to reproduce it. Restarting to open the port is out.

Using some socat magic you can force open a port:

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There's good news, though.

A rough alliance of new tools are selling something better at a *cultural* level.

Astro, Enhance, 11ty, Lit, FAST, Stencil, Solid, Qwik, and even Remix and Preact are all angling to catch folks when they fall, and present teams with a better tradeoff space, even if the tech looks very similar.

The difference is narrative and cultural, and those aspects can't be overstated.

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OWA is finally on mastodon at

@fil Oh hello! Great to see more Observable folks over here.

Your notebooks are always a super interesting rabbit hole to fall now.

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@tim @slightlyoff

Yes true. Algo's on corporate Social Media optimize for engagement, max. time of eyeballs seeing ads. Influencers and controversy are good tools that help.

On fedi things are more tailored to you, your uniquely social graph organically shaped to match your interests. It's not a filter bubble as you see boosts of everyone you follow and can roam the various timelines, etc.

On fedi social fabric you're an organic gardener, on Social Media you're an addict being broadcasted to

Seeking Podcast Recommendations 

Any good podcast recommendations that talk or ?

@slightlyoff has me wondering, does Mastodon end up having fewer accounts that grow to have such large followings?

I could imagine without an algo feed people end up building more follows / connections with those in their immediate surroundings.

@smallcircles what do you think?

Do people often keep multiple mastodon accounts?

I wonder if there is a nicer split here, my follows before the great twitter exodus were far less techie.

While nice to have them again, I wonder if different accounts for different interests could be an idea?

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@Gargron Hmm, yes and no. When you move somewhere, you live by the rules of the new place. Yes, you can bring your culture. But if people are fleeing a toxic culture, does _anybody_ want them to replicate that here?

My corner of mastodon says "use CWs liberally" and I'm happy to adapt to that simple request. I've been putting subject lines in emails for decades now, it's really not a big deal.

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The Pessimists Archive is ‘a project created to jog our collective memories about the hysteria, technophobia and moral panic that often greets new technologies, ideas and trends.’

I love it

no longer uses it's wordlist + todays date to compute the current word! has changed it to be a curated word each day.

It's a shame my parents aren't able to use the little offline Wordle clone I made for when they're out of coverage.

Aaron Swartz 

Last night I watched "The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz", boy it was frustrating to hear what happened.

is an amazing person who impacted the web deeply.

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Where are the plotter folks on here?
#plotter #plottertwitter #ptpx

I'll be running the third annual plotter holiday post-card exchange, sing up for the mailing list to be notified when I do!

twitter / fedi meta 

I've only been here a few months, but wow it does feel different these last few days.

Makes me wonder how those who have spent years here are feeling.

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